KAWECO - COLLECTION - Fountain Pen - Iridescent Pearl

KAWECO - COLLECTION - Fountain Pen - Iridescent Pearl

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The Kaweco Sport in iridescent pearl finish creates a rainbow of shimmering pastel colour.

This pocket fountain pen measures only 10.5 cm when closed, making it a perfect everyday companion. With the cap on, the pen grows to a standard size of 13 cm. Thanks to its small size, it is a great writing instrument for on the go.

You can customise your pen by choosing the nib you like best. There are five different nib sizes available, from extra fine to extra wide. While the extra fine nib (EF) is suitable for small and delicate handwriting, the extra broad nib (BB) is often used for large, dramatic signatures. For beginners we recommend the nib size Medium (M). All nibs are made in Germany. If you would like a specific nib size, please email us at hello@sous-bois.at after placing your order. We recommend nib size M if you're not sure which nib to choose or if this is your first fountain pen.

  • Colour: Iridescent Pearl
  • Series: Collection Sport
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 10.5cm, (open: 13cm)
  • Nibs supplied unless otherwise stated: Medium (M)
  • Fountain pen and nibs made in Germany